Why Alarms Are Not the Be-all and End-all of security
22 March 2024

If you want to enhance your van’s security, your first thought might be an alarm. And it makes sense; they have been at the forefront of security devices for years. Even in films, we still see criminals bringing in “tech experts” to disable the alarm when the thieves are on a heist.

But why aren’t they as effective as we might believe?

The first reason is that we’ve become so accustomed to hearing alarms go off, often repeatedly, that we tend to ignore them. So, if yours goes off, don’t expect anyone to come running out of their house. Similarly, if you’ve ever been cursed with one of those temperamental alarms, you probably leave it yourself.

But do they scare off thieves?

Possibly. It’s a valid argument to say an alarm going off may make the thief give up and move on. However, we are seeing thieves become increasingly brazen.

So, what can you do?

The trick is to slow them down. Anything can be broken into eventually, but physical security devices can keep a thief at bay for longer. It’s not always about the initial “alarm” going off that scares them; it’s the time. They might carry on for 30 seconds as there are not many ‘have-a-go heroes’, and most people will walk past a break-in. But as time passes, the thief is much more likely to be approached by an angry tradesman with a wrench in hand or the police turning up.

The aim isn’t always just to alarm the thief (pun intended) but to either slow them down or stop them in their tracks.

What about having both?

Yes, this is a great idea. An alarm and upgraded locks make a great combination. The alarm can alert you that something is happening, and the locks will keep the thief at bay.

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