What Does Van Security Look Like?
30 January 2023

For many people, their van is more than just a vehicle; it’s their second home, mobile workstation, and their livelihood all rolled into one! At Van Secure, we are security experts and can help you get your van secure in several different ways.

Many people don’t realise how diverse the security offerings are when it comes to vans. There are plenty of great ways you can secure your vehicle, and at Van Secure, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of security measures for your van.

Our professional high-quality van security measures are ever-evolving to meet the needs of our customers. We’ve outlined all our available security measures below so you can better understand how each works and decide which would be best for your van.

If you are ever unsure, you can always count on the Van Secure team for professional, trustworthy advice. We offer bespoke advice because we know security isn’t a one-size-fits-all process. So, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Deadlocks: The Bread & Butter Of Van Security

Now, this might be one you are familiar with already! Deadlocks for vans work in a similar manner to deadlocks on doors. It is essentially a second independent lock that can be unlocked with its own key.

A deadlock is an excellent extra measure for anyone looking to secure their van. Even if your main lock is compromised in some way, then a deadlock is effectively a secondary backup. We even offer multiple different deadlocks for vans as well.

Slam Locks: Instant Van Security

Slam locks are likely a new term to many people. But these special locks are popular with couriers and delivery vans, and for a good reason! These locks activate when your van’s door is closed, giving you instant protection and much greater security.

We can install these locks by re-fitting your van’s door handles and installing the slam lock next to the handle. You can unlock these locks by turning a key, which in turn essentially acts as part of the door handle.


Door Shielding: Van Security From All Angles

Door shielding is a great way to strengthen not just your van’s lock but also the door itself. The areas around locks are often one of the weakest spots on your vehicle and a major point of entry for would-be thieves.

Door shielding corrects this issue by adding an extra barrier around your door lock. Door shielding also comes in numerous different forms, with some being smaller than others. Door shields are a great option if your van is old or has weak door handles.

It’s also a great security measure for anyone who has already suffered an attack on their van. They can help reinforce your door and will give you a much greater level of security. Door shields aren’t automated in any way either, which means they’ll last a good long time.

The Best Thing For Van Security?

Staying alert and aware about small details can sometimes be the greatest thing you can do to protect your tools and keep your van secure. We are often in a rush between jobs or to get home and forget about the small details that thieves look out for that we might be missing. Things such as:

Not leaving tool magazines on your dashboard – thieves will know you likely have tools in the van!
Parking in a well lit area with CCTV
Keeping your tools marked
Backing up against a wall to make vulnerable areas hard to access
All these smaller and often over looked details can make a serious difference when it comes to keep your van secure. View more tips on our Instagram or learn about our ToolSafe package!

Many of these security methods can be used in tandem with each other too. Many of us rely on our vans for so much, so don’t leave it unprotected. Get in touch with the Van Secure team today to help ensure your van is always secure.