Van Slamlocks Guide
30 January 2023

Our Slamlocks Guide
Slamlocks are a common lock used to improve the security of a van. They are designed to prevent opportunist theft from vehicles, and because of this they are popular with multi-drop couriers, and people who have a habit of forgetting to lock their van!

They work by disabling the door handle, and instead you have a secondary lock mounted in the door. Once fitted, you have to use a key in this lock to open the door, rather than pull the handle. Turning the key does the same job that pulling the handle used to, and the door pops open.

Slamlocks are great for stopping people getting in when trying the doors on your van incase you’ve left it unlocked, but just be careful not to leave your keys inside when you shut the door. Once the door’s shut, it’s locked!

It’s important to note that the same locking mechanism is used, and you get additional security by adding the lock to replace the handle. The door isn’t any stronger, and there’s no additional physical bolt of fixing to stop attack, and as such they won’t stand up to a prolonged attack.

Slamlocks are a convenient way to make sure your van remains locked all the time, as long as you understand their limitations, and what they’re designed to prevent.

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