Van Shielding: What It Is and Why You Need It
2 January 2024

We recently discussed the alarming increase in tool theft across the UK, highlighting the stark reality that only 1% of stolen tools are ever returned to their rightful owner. With this in mind, it’s clear that you must up the security of your van to safeguard your tools and livelihood.

What Is Van Shielding?

Van shields provide an additional layer of security atop high-security locks. They’re necessary because van doors, designed with safety in mind, can be opened from the inside to prevent you from being accidentally locked in. However, this system, combined with the fact that door panels are getting thinner to reduce weight, creates an opportunity for thieves. They can puncture the door and unlock it from the inside!

Internal vs. External Shields

Both internal and external door shields are available, but which is better? We generally recommend internal shields. Why? Because if a thief attempts to drill through your door, they’ll hit the shield, potentially deterring them from continuing their crime. External shields are equally robust, but they also show a thief exactly where to drill.

However, external shields have their place. If your van has already been targeted, you can cover the drill hole with an external shield. This quick fix gets you back on the road promptly, with the reassurance that your van is secure. Additionally, external shields can act as a visible deterrent.

Loom Guards

A common tactic for thieves, especially with Ford Transits, was to slice through the van and sever wires in the loom, often causing the van to unlock. Loom guards prevent this by placing a steel barrier between the outer van shell and the wiring.

Unsure About the Best Option?

Give us a call. We’re more than willing to discuss the various options and help you choose the best protection for your budget.