Van Security Myths
1 February 2024

When it comes to van security, some methods work and others that, frankly, don’t. You might have seen some tactics in action, tried a few yourself, or even considered some. But the truth is, certain strategies won’t actually make a difference – and some could even increase the chances of a break-in.

Myth 1: ‘No Tools Left in This Van’ Stickers

We’ve all seen these stickers on vans. The thinking seems logical: tell thieves there are no tools, and they’ll look elsewhere, right? But here’s the kicker – thieves aren’t daft. Those stickers might as well say, “I carry tools in my van” because, let’s face it, even if you empty your van at night, during the day, it’s a different story. And daytime thefts? They’re on the rise.

An experiment compared a van left roadside for two weeks with no stickers, followed by another two weeks sporting a ‘no tools’ sticker. The result? The break-ins occurred when the sticker was displayed. So, while you might reckon this is a cheap and easy deterrent, our advice is clear: scrap the sticker.

Myth 2: Alarms Stop Thieves

Now, don’t get us wrong here. Alarms have their place. But think about it – how often do you actually check when you hear an alarm go off? Or do you just grumble about ‘another annoying alarm’? Alarm fatigue is a genuine issue; frequent false alarms lead people to ignore them.

And if your van has an alarm, would you recognise it amidst the noise? We’ve had alarms that were a bit temperamental, and you can easily fall into the trap of ignoring them, thinking it’s just another false alert.

So, yes, alarms have their role, but they’re not always the silver bullet if you don’t respond immediately.

So, What Actually Works?

Strengthening your locks – that’s the straightforward solution. Thieves generally look for quick and easy targets. The job of a good lock is to slow them down to the point where they reckon your van isn’t worth the effort.

Fitting items such as hook locks to prevent door peeling and anti-drill plates to protect the door latches will make a thief’s job much harder. We’re realistic and will tell you straight: almost anything can be broken into, given enough time. Just look at the Hatton Garden safe deposit raid. But with so many vans out there, your aim is to make yours the least appealing option.

The Bottom Line

Ditch the myths and double down on measures that genuinely protect what’s yours. We’re always here to offer advice and guide you on how to best safeguard your van. Just give us a shout.