Van Security Locks 101
30 January 2023

One option to make your vehicle less appealing to thieves and improve your van security is to install new van locks. Having a van comes with its own set of dangers. If you own a business van, you may find that it is a more attractive target for thieves than a car as vans are frequently used by tradesmen and couriers therefore they typically include a variety of pricey equipment inside.

There are many ways to make your van less of a target for thieves and to prevent it and anything stored inside from being stolen. Installing a van deadlock and making sure you have the appropriate type van security locks to keep criminals at bay is a step in the right direction.

Let’s explore your options when it comes to boosting your van security as well as how to find the best locks for vans to keep yours as protected as possible.

Van Lock Types
The most common types of van locks you can install to enhance the security of your van and ones that we supply include:

  • Van Deadlocks
  • Van Slamlocks
  • Van Hooklocks
  • Replacement Driver Door Locks
  • Door Shielding

    The installation of locks for your van will serve as a visual barrier to burglars. Because many robberies are opportunistic, thieves will hunt for an easy target. They may decide not to bother if they notice your van has a quality lock installed. Even the most determined criminal may have difficulty breaking into your van if the lock is well designed and manufactured. You’ll boost your van security and any valuable equipment stored inside depending on where you install your van locks.

The Best Van Security Locks for You
A slam lock may be best for drivers who make frequent deliveries, such as delivery drivers who are always getting in and out of their vehicles and are victims of various kinds of theft, however a deadlock may be more secure and more suited for those who don’t need frequent access to their van and is an excellent alternative if you want to add an extra layer of van security when you leave it overnight or in a less secure location.

Consider your options wisely and choose the best van security for you to avoid any future disappointment. If you need any help with this then give us a call today to discuss your options!