Van Security in 2024
8 January 2024

If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that van theft is on the rise. We’ve even blogged about these grim statistics. So, if you’re looking to secure your van in 2024, what do you need to look at, and what are your best options?

Make Good New Year Resolutions

Before we even talk locks, let’s talk about being street smart. Changing a few habits may help save your tools. The simplest one is parking where it’s busy and under light. It’s certainly not foolproof, as thieves are getting more and more brazen, but by parking in a busy area, you are much less likely to get done over.

Also, there are more vans on the road than ever before, but if thieves don’t know what’s inside, then they may not chance it. So no leaving clues in the cab like trade catalogues or, worse still, a tool bag!

Lock It Up

So regardless of where you park your van, adding van security in 2024 is still essential. We’ve heard stories of vans being broken into while someone was working on a roof. And they couldn’t physically get down in time to stop them! So making it hard, or at least slowing down a thief, is essential. Consider new locks such as hooklocks, plus items such as wiring loom guards and door shields.

We have packages for all popular vans in 2024, and we can advise on what is best for you and your budget.

Tool Identification

The sad reality is that if your tools go missing, you are unlikely to get them back. But it does occasionally happen. One issue, however, is that when stolen tools get discovered, because so many do get stolen, it is hard to know who to return them to. They all look the same. So consider some unique marking. We are working on a system for this, but even just scratching your name in can help.

Staying Secure in 2024

Security isn’t just about sticking a big lock on it and forgetting about it. It’s about reducing the chances a thief will pick you. It isn’t nice to think about, but a thief is going to break into someone’s van, so you just need to make sure it isn’t yours. Park in well-lit areas, don’t make it obvious what you have in the back, and have locks that slow them down or, ideally, make them give up.

If you want any advice, we are always happy to have a chat. Our mission is to keep your tools, and therefore your livelihood, safe.