Van Locks: The Different Types, Fittings & Installations
30 January 2023

Initially, the world of Van Locks can be quite overwhelming, there’s lots of different choice and some locks feature better on specific types of vans. Sit back, relax and this article will take you through the mighty process of protecting your livelihood, your van.

There are three types of locks that are most popular when it comes to securing a van: Slam Locks, Dead Locks and Hook Locks. Each have their own specific properties and what works for one van owner might not work for another – hence why it is ideal for you to know all about them before installing any of them.

Slam Locks For Vans
What is a Slam Lock?
We will start with Slam Locks. What makes a Slam Lock unique is the ability to automatically lock your van door immediately after it is shut. In contrast for example most locks require you to push the central locking button in order for the mechanism to take place. This makes this lock an ideal choice for multidrop delivery drivers.

How does a Slam Lock Work?
These locks operate by collaborating with the pre-existing lock mechanism within the vehicle. This is usually by a cable or a rod – this will entirely depend on which method is used by the vehicle manufacturer. It is worth noting that there are two common modes of operation with Slam Locks:
1) The driver will use their key-fob to unlock the original central locking which will then allow the Slam Lock key to release the mechanism
2) The driver will use a physical key to unlock the Slam Lock mechanism which releases the vehicle door – removing the need to use the door handle.

Why choose a Slam Lock?
To put it simply, a Slam Lock makes it impossible to forget to lock your vehicle. This will give you peace of mind knowing that every time you close your van door, it is securely locked behind you. If you live in an urban area, Slam Locks can even be fitted on van cab doors too which will prevent driver hijacking in traffic.

Dead Locks For Vans
What is a Dead Lock?
It is highly likely that you have heard of the term Dead Lock before, and it is true that Van Dead locks are quite similar to the deadbolt fittings that are commonly installed on front doors in the home. The van Dead Lock is a mechanical locking device that is completely separate to the locking mechanism that is factory installed. In contrast to Slam Locks – Dead Locks do not automatically lock upon closing and will require a key for operation.

How does a Dead Lock work?
Dead Locks have a solitary deadbolt that offers the door additional protection and strength by securing itself into the door itself. They work by tossing the bolt into the receiver, this receiver is fitted to the opposing section of the van when being operated by the external key. A great thing about Dead Locks is that they are single cylinder, meaning they cannot be unlocked from the inside which protects your van from window breaks.

Why choose a Dead Lock?
We suggest that these locks are best suited to tradespeople who are happy to use the factory lock during their workday but wish to have an additional layer of protection in the evening – which is where the Dead Lock comes into play. A Dead Lock will work in tandem with the manufacturer lock which in essence gives a double layer of protection. These locks work specifically well with the Ford Transit range of vans.

Hook Locks
What is a Hook Lock?
The final lock on our security journey is one that sounds quite self-explanatory. However, its important to give context in regard to the basic mechanics of the hook lock. This is once again a lock which works independently from the manufacturers locking mechanism and similarly to Dead Locks can only be operated with the supplied key.

How does a Hook Lock work?
The Hook Lock is a deadlocking hook bolt which engages into the opposing body section of the van, the Hook is essentially looped over a metal bar. As mentioned above this is operated by the supplied key under full control of the driver.

Why choose a Hook Lock?
Criminals have been using crow bars to get into vehicles since their very conception, they are typically a thief’s favourite tool. The excellent thing about Hook Locks is the amazing ability to negate the use of a crowbar almost entirely. Our high-quality Hook Locks are made of high calibre durable metal which is resistant to being torn open.

There you have it. Hopefully this handy guide has lifted some confusion around which lock is best for you. If there is anything that is still left unanswered however or if you would like a quote please don’t hesitate to contact us at 01959 928003