Van Deadlocks Guide
30 January 2023

Our Van Deadlock Guide
We get calls all the time from people asking for a quote to fit deadlocks to their van, but how secure are van deadlocks? They tend to be the ‘go-to’ choice for people who are looking to add some protection for their van. They are a great balance between something that is reasonably priced, doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb, but still gives a good level of extra protection. Deadlocks are a good all-round choice, but it’s important to understand their strengths and weaknesses when deciding which security measure is most suitable for you.

Types of Van Deadlocks
Deadlocks come in two formats – a straight bolt, and a hook bolt. If possible, it’s always advisable to get a hook deadlock if you can.

When comparing the two side by side, the hook provides extra protection against crowbar attack, and if your door has big gaps around the edges, or it has movement in any of it’s hinges or runners, a hook deadlock will be much more secure than a straight deadlock.

There are times when a hook-deadlock can’t be fitted, and this is usually in situations where there isn’t the room in the construction of the van body to accomodate the space for the hook to throw out. This tends to happen quite a lot when fitting deadlocks to cab doors. In these instances, straight deadlocks are usually fine, as a tight fit means it’s harder to attack the area with a crowbar, and so the benefit of a hook is less important.

How to deadlocks operate?
It’s also important to know that a deadlock doesn’t operate automatically. They work completely independently of any existing systems on the van, and so have to be locked or unlocked manually each time they’re used. This has it’s pros and cons, the main con being that you need to go around the van and manually lock or unlock each one individually each time you want to use them. That being said, this also allows you to choose when you use them, and they are also harder to disable because of this. They can’t be unlocked using any electronic means, and they are also much more difficult to pick, or drill than standard vehicle locks.

Van Deadlock Fitting
Van Deadlocks are able to be mounted and fitted to any door on your van. This includes driver doors, passenger doors, as well as side loading and rear doors. When installing a deadlock it is always important to take note of the position you are mounting it. When a deadlock is installed in a high position on the doors, it offers extra protection against an attack known as peeling. This is where the thief will puncture the van from the top of the door and pull down, folding the top of the van door down to enter. As mentioned earlier, hook deadlocks are also a more secure style of deadlock as the give much stronger resistance to crowbar attack. Both type of van deadlock allow the locking and unlocking of doors individually, with all locks built to work on the same key.

Van Deadlocks – A staple van security option!
Deadlocks are a good option for security when you need it, and no security when you don’t! They are very basic in their operation, and will give a strong extra layer of protection when putting together a security package for your van. They work well as a deterrent, a thief knows that they will have to spend time, and make a significant amount of noise if they want to get past your deadlocks. All these things considered, they are far more likely to find an alternative target!

If you have any queries about van deadlocks or any other van security concerns, please feel free to get in touch here, or call us on 01959 928003.