The rising cost of van security – Insurance premiums
15 February 2024

We regularly discuss van theft, break-ins, and protective measures. Yet, one aspect we’ve touched on less is the widespread impact these incidents have across the entire trade industry. Van theft and break-ins are not isolated incidents. Each break-in has wide-reaching effects, contributing to the rise in insurance premiums for everyone in the trade.

Why Do Insurance Premiums Keep Rising?

Anyone renewing their vehicle insurance in recent months will have noticed a significant increase in premiums. This surge is directly linked to risk. As break-ins and thefts increase, so does the risk to insurers. This is then passed on to tradespeople in the premiums they pay, meaning that even those in low crime areas or those using vans solely for transporting materials face increased premiums due to thefts elsewhere in the country.

Take London, for example. Last year, tools worth millions of pounds were stolen, significantly impacting insurance companies. This, inevitably, trickles down across the country to the premiums you pay.

So, What Can You Do?

If you are reading this, then we may feel we are preaching to the choir, as you will already be aware of the importance of van security. However, we encourage you to help spread the word. Share our blog posts so your friends see them. Talk to people on-site and urge them to upgrade their security and adopt street-smart habits. Being street-smart means adopting habits like parking in well-lit areas, avoiding leaving trade magazines in the cab, and parking with the doors against a wall whenever possible.

One of the best ways we can reduce our premiums is by ensuring the current rate of break-ins slows down. By working together, we can achieve this.