Terms of Business


1.1. These Conditions apply to all customers and includes all work carried out by us to include the fitting of Vehicle Deadlocks, Slam Locks, and the installation of any other vehicle security equipment.

1.2. By booking work in with us, and allowing work to commence you agree to these Conditions.


2.1. The Contract entered into between you and us is formed when you book an appointment for work to be carried out. This excludes the booking of any Vehicle Assessment.

Any Contract may be cancelled as follows:

2.1.1. By you, 72 hours from the date of the appointment of the Vehicle Security Work

(we refer you to Clause 2.4);

2.1.2. By us, at any time prior to the commencement of the Vehicle Security Work;

2.1.3. By us, at any time following a Vehicle Assessment or following a Pre-Work Inspection; or

2.1.4. By us, if we discover any damage to the Vehicle that prevents us from installing equipment in any way.

2.2. If you wish to cancel the Contract, please notify us in writing (by post or email) or by telephone using our contact details. If you are cancelling via telephone, a conformation email must be sent after to confirm.

2.3. If we wish to cancel the Contract, then we will notify you in writing (by email or by post) or by telephone using the contact details we have for you, a follow up email will be sent as conformation if cancelled by telephone.

2.4. If you cancel up to 72 hours of the agreed date and time of the work to commence, you will be eligible for a charge of £50+VAT.

2.5. If you cancel with less than 72 hours of the agreed date and time of the work to commence, you will be liable for 50% of the full amount of the quotation.

2.6. Our ability to provide you with the best quality of workmanship is dependent on us having the access we need to be able to work safely and effectively. If for any reason we are unable to gain sufficient access to the vehicle (such as the ability to park next to the vehicle to be worked on, space to work around the vehicle safely, or the ability to work on the vehicle without interruption), we reserve the right to cancel the job and charge a minimum fee of £75+vat.

2.7. While we will endeavor to carry out the work at the agreed time and place this will be subject to cancellation due to factors such as Weather, safety, or anything else deemed out of our control. All of the above can result in the immediate cessation of any commenced work.

2.8. We at VanSecure will not tolerate any verbal or physical abuse, our staff have the right to work in a safe environment. If any staff members are subject to this abuse the installation will cease and all equipment will remain the property of VanSecure.


As the owner of the vehicle you give us the consent to commence work. If you are not the owner of the Vehicle, you categorically confirm that you agree to make payment for the work carried out, and the owner of the Vehicle has given their informed authority for the Vehicle Security Work to be carried out.

4.1. We will provide Vehicle Security Work services to you by agreement at a location agreed between you and us. This can be at our workshop, your home or a workplace or any other suitable location where permission is granted for us to commence work.

4.2. Subject to the respective rights of cancellation set out in Clause 2, we agree with you and you agree with us that we will use our respective reasonable endeavors to:

4.2.1. Keep to an appointment or meet at the agreed time for a vehicle to be worked on.

4.2.2. Keep to an appointment or meet the agreed time for a Vehicle Assessment or otherwise give each other as much prior notice as possible if we are unable to keep to the agreed time.

4.3. Once the Vehicle Security Work is completed, you will be shown around your vehicle and shown how to operate devices that are installed if applicable.

4.4. On completion of the work we will ask you to confirm that you are satisfied. Please make sure you inspect the Vehicle before you give your confirmation. We will rely on this to confirm that there is no damage when we carried out the Vehicle Security Work. We can not accept any claim of vehicle damage once we have left and you have confirmed you are satisfied.

4.5. Should it not be possible to show you around the vehicle for any reason, or demonstrate the use of the equipment to you, payment of your final invoice will act as confirmation that you are happy with all work complete, and confirm that no damage to the vehicle is present.

5.1. Following the booking of an Appointment, we will send you an Order Confirmation. We will require payment of a £50 booking deposit, this will allow your booking to proceed.

5.2. On the completion of the work agreed, unless previously agreed, the remaining balance will be due. All security equipment installed will remain the property of VanSecure until we receive payment in full.

5.3. We will contact you by phone to process payment for the remaining balance owed, once work has been completed. We will endeavour to contact you on completion of the work, however if no response is received within 48 hours of the work being completed, the balance owing will be processed using the same payment details as used for the deposit.

5.4. We are committed to reducing fraud made using credit cards. We reserve our right not to accept payment by debit or credit card where we suspect that by doing so a fraud may be perpetrated against us or the registered card holder or anyone else.

5.5. We accept payment by debit or credit card, card, or immediate bank transfer. We reserve the right not to accept cash or cheques.

5.6. If you should fail to pay by any of the ways stated in clause 5.5. after the work is completed, we will endeavor to recover our property that we have installed by removing any security equipment previously installed, unless we, at our discretion, agree otherwise.


7.1 We at VanSecure will endeavor to be professional in our approach and work at all times.

7.2 We will install our equipment in a professional manner showing your vehicle the utmost care and respect. All holes drilled into the vehicle bodywork will be professionally treated with rustproofing methods and vehicle cleaned down once work has been executed.

7.3 We will use preventative measures to minimise the risk of any damage to customers’ vehicles. If any damage occurs during installation that is deemed to be neglectful on our behalf then measures will be put in place to rectify this as soon as possible.

7.4 Customers are asked to provide VanSecure a safe place to install the security equipment within a distance of 10 metres from our vehicle. If it is not deemed safe to install, work will not begin or may cease during installation if conditions change to this effect.

7.5. We guarantee the standards of our workmanship for 5 years. This means that we will repair, free of charge to you, any defect caused by any failings in our workmanship.

7.6. All locks must be lubricated monthly using a spray lubricant containing PTFE. Silicone lubricants, oils and any other types of lubricant are not permitted and use of such will invalidate any warranty. Failure to lubricate locks monthly will invalidate any warranty.

7.6.1. Any damage or failure of locks to operate due to wear and tear of the vehicle or its components is not covered under warranty. A call out charge of £60+vat will be chargeable for warranty call-outs when fault is found to be due to an issue with the vehicle rather than our locks.

7.6.2. Our locks rely on good serviceable condition of existing latch and locking mechanisms on the doors of the van to work smoothly. Worn or badly adjusted mechanisms within van doors can cause our locks to be heavy to use. We can not be held liable for such issues, it is the vehicle owner’s responsibility to refurbish or repair the door mechanisms to allow our locks to work more smoothly, either before or after our work is carried out. If such refurbishment or repair is required, payment is due upon completion of our work, not upon repair of the door mechanisms.

7.6.3. We cannot be held liable for any loss relating to or caused by attack of your locks by thieves. Our locks will offer a level of protection over and above that provided by the standard security equipment fitted to the van, however it is possible for them to be defeated by physical attack. Should this happen, we will not be responsible for any loss including but not limited to damage to the vehicle, doors or body panels, loss of equipment, loss of earnings or other such losses.

7.6.4. Should work be required to repair, modify, or remove and refit products covered under warranty, this must be completed by VanSecure. If this work is carried out by a third party without express permission of VanSecure, any remaining warranty will be immediately invalidated.

7.6.5. We advise that all vehicles should be completely emptied by the owner prior to us working on them. Whilst we will do our utmost to ensure the contents of your van remain safe during our work, we cannot work on the vehicle with the doors closed at all times. We therefore cannot be held responsible for any thefts or damage of equipment in the van whilst we are working on it. This limit of liability extends to any losses incurred as a result of our working with the doors open, such as inclement weather, items falling from the van, etc.

7.7. A record of visible damage existing on the Vehicle will be made by our technician during a Pre-Work Inspection before starting Vehicle Security Work on the Vehicle.

7.8. We cannot be held responsible for marks on paintwork caused by faded or oxidised paintwork. In addition, we cannot be responsible for damage resulting from poor painting of a vehicle, repairs using filler, or other sub-standard mechanical or cosmetic treatment of the van carried out prior to our work.

7.9. We fit all equipment according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The location of locks in the doors, and/or angle of fitment is determined by the manufacturer, based on their research and development. We do this in order to maximise the effectiveness of any security equipment we fit. Our service to you extends only to the installation of these locks, according to the manufacturer’s specification. Any issues relating to the location of the locks, or their angle of installation should be referred to the manufacturer of said equipment. We cannot be held responsible for any repairs required should you wish for the locks to be removed following an installation.


7.9.1. If you have any complaints relating to our Vehicle Security Work services or any other matter, please put them in writing addressed to: FAO Complaints, VanSecure, Unit 1 East Warren Stables, Main Road, Sundridge, Sevenoaks, Kent. TN14 6EE.

8 .We will do the utmost to meet any target completion time-scales given at the time security installation is booked. Target completion times, however, are just that, ‘targets’. VanSecure accepts no responsibility for unforeseen delays during installation. Other factors can be taken into consideration such as weather or vehicle access.

9.1. We will take all reasonable precautions to keep the details of orders and payments secure. We will adhere to the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998 to uphold your privacy and protect the personal data provided by you.

9.2.You accept and acknowledge that our Privacy Policy shall apply to all dealings between you and us. You agree and accept the use of cookies as set out in our Privacy Policy in relation to your use of the Website.


10.1. If any provision of the Contract is found by any court, tribunal or administrative body of competent jurisdiction to be wholly or partly illegal, invalid, void, unenforceable or unreasonable it will, to the extent of such illegality, invalidity, voidness, unenforceability or unreasonableness, be deemed severable and the remaining provisions of the Contract and the remainder of such provision shall continue in full force and effect.

10.2. Failure or delay by you or us in exercising any right or remedy provided by the Contract or by law will not be construed as a waiver of such right or remedy or a waiver of any other right or remedy.

10.3. We shall not be liable for any failure or delay in performance of this agreement which is caused by circumstances beyond our reasonable control including without limitation inclement weather and any labour disputes between us and our employees.

10.4. A person who is not a party to the Contract will have no right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to enforce any term of the Contract. This Clause 11.4 does not affect any right or remedy of any person which exists or is available otherwise than pursuant to that act.

10.5. The Contract will be governed by English law and you and we submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

11.1. In these Conditions, the following words shall have the following meanings:-

11.1.1. ”Appointment, Installation, Works”, means an appointment to carry out the Work on the Vehicle;

11.1.2.”Conditions” means the terms and conditions set out in this document and in the Order Confirmation. Where any terms here conflict with any terms in the Order Confirmation the terms in the Order Confirmation will take precedence;

11.1.3.”Contract” means the contract under which we will carry out work to the Vehicle;

11.1.4.”Order Confirmation” means the confirmation of the Appointment we will send you either by email or by post, following the booking of an Appointment;

11.1.5.”Pre-Work Inspection” means an assessment of the state and condition of the Vehicle made immediately prior to the commencement of Work;

11.1.6.“Private Persons” means private individuals and other persons but excluding any organisations with whom we have any overarching commercial agreement relating to work completed on Vehicles;

11.1.7.“Privacy Policy” means the policy with that name accessible on our website;

1.1.8.“Vehicle” means the vehicle in relation to which we are to complete work;

11.1.9.”Vehicle Assessment” means an appointment to assess the Vehicle as to its suitability for us to carry out work on the Vehicle;

11.1.10.“Vehicle Security Work” means services provided by us comprising of installation of security products to Vehicles by our technicians.

12.1.11.“we” means VanSecure and “our” and “us” shall be construed accordingly.

12.1.14.“Website” means the website at www.vansecure.co.uk; and

12.1.12.“you” means the person contracting with VanSecure under these Conditions and “your” and “yourself” shall be interpreted accordingly.