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What Are Slamlocks?

Very popular with courier companies, and multi-drop delivery vehicles of all kinds, a slamlock allows the vehicle to be locked as soon as the door is closed. No additional operation is necessary to lock the vehicle, so the contents remain secure at all times.

The slamlock uses a high security, key-operated cylinder fitted to the door, which is used to operate the OEM door latch mechanism without the use of the original handle. The rear of the cylinder is armoured to prevent screwdriver attack, and the cylinder is also drill-resistant.

What are slam locks used for?

Many courier companies now require their drivers to have slam locks fitted to their vans for insurance purposes. Couriers and multi-drop drivers often leave their vans vulnerable when they are making deliveries as they are unable to lock their doors when carrying heavy parcels from door to door. This leaves their van contents vulnerable to opportunistic theft.

How Van Slamlocks work

Van Slamlocks work by de-activating the van’s factory fitted door handle and installing an additional lock next to the handle. On closing the door, it will automatically lock and to open the door you will have to turn the key which now acts in place of the door handle.

Slam locks are also operable from inside of the van meaning you wouldn’t be able to lock yourself in accidentally! However due to automatic locking you must never leave the keys inside the van.

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