Van Deadlocks

A deadlock operates in the same way as a standard mortice lock on a front door. It offers a second, independent lock which can be used whenever required.

Two locking cylinders are available, either thatcham approved, or a standard, non-thatcham version. Both cylinders are drill resistant, the thatcham version also uses a dimple key, and a snap-resistant cylinder.

Benefits of Van Deadlocks

Van deadlocks are a great option when you want to have the ability to engage an additional layer of protection when you leave your van overnight or in a less secure area. Even if your central locking is compromised, the van deadlocks will still prevent the doors from being opened. It also protects the van doors from being opened if theft is attempted by key-cloning and latch stabbing.

Van Deadlock Fitting

Van Deadlocks can be mounted on any door on your van including driver and passenger doors, as well as side load and rear barn doors. We work nationwide including all areas of London and the South East. When installed high up on the doors, the deadlock offers a high level of protection against an attack known as peeling, where thieves are folding down the top of the van door to gain access.

Standard deadlocks with a straight bolt are available, or upgraded hook deadlocks are available which give much stronger resistance to crowbar attack. Both type of van deadlock allow the locking and unlocking of doors individually, with all locks built to work on the same key.

Google Reviews

“Brilliant company, very easy to deal with from the start to the finish”

Google Reviews

“Excellent job of fitting new locks on my vehicle, I would not hesitate in recommending them.”