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What Is Door Shielding?

These armoured plates provide a strengthened barrier around the original lock barrel or handle, to prevent screwdriver attack and minimise any weaknesses in the original design of the door and handle mechanism.

These plates are ideal if your vehicle has been attacked, and can be used as a repair plate to restore the integrity of the door.

Fitting Van Door Shielding

Van door handle shields such as ArmaPlates completely encase the vulnerable area around the lock and door handle of your van, where thieves can puncture through the door skin to access the internal locking mechanisms, and unlock them.

There are other options which do a similar job, but are designed to protect other vulnerable areas of the van. It’s possible to fit latch shields around existing door mechanisms to protect them from a spike attack. These are designed to individually suit each type of door latch, and so give maximum coverage.

Another essential product for Ford Vans are Wiring Loom Guards for the cab doors. These protect the vulnerable central locking wires in the doors, and not only prevent the van being broken into, but also prevent the need for a very expensive repair.

Benefits of Door Shielding

Door shields are a great option to repair damage from a previous puncture attack on your van, they are much cheaper than a new door and even more secure! Its stainless-steel construction makes it look good and it will never rust and become an eyesore.

Thanks to its ultra slim profile the door shields can’t be gripped or tampered with, in addition to this having no moving parts means it can never wear out or stop working so your van will always stay protected.

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