Van Security

We specialise in the supply and fitting of all types of additional security for vans of all kinds. We can also offer special rates for trade or fleet customers, please contact us for further details.

Here you can find a small selection of the wide range of equipment we can supply. If you can’t find what you’re looking for just contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Replacement Lock Barrels

If your locks have been attacked, this can render your doors either locked or unlocked permanently. We can supply and fit aftermarket, high security lock kits to go in place of your original door barrels. This means you can continue to use your van doors as you always did, but with greater peace of mind knowing that if the doors are attacked again, they will put up a much greater fight.


These armoured plates provide a strengthened barrier around the original lock barrel or handle, to prevent screwdriver attack and minimise any weaknesses in the original design of the door and  handle mechanism.  These plates are ideal if your vehicle has been attacked, and can be used as a repair plate to restore the integrity of the door.

Vehicle Deadlocks

A deadlock operates in the same way as a standard mortice lock on a front door. It offers a second, independent lock which can be used whenever required. Two locking cylinders are available, either thatcham approved, or a standard, non-thatcham version. Both cylinders are drill resistant, the thatcham version also uses a dimple key, and a snap-resistant cylinder.

Thatcham-Accredited Slamlocks

Very popular with courier companies, and multi-drop delivery vehicles of all kinds, a slamlock allows the vehicle to be locked as soon as the door is closed. No additional operation is necessary to lock the vehicle, so the contents remain secure at all times. The slamlock uses a high security, key-operated cylinder fitted to the door, which is used to operate the OEM door latch mechanism without the use of the original handle. The rear of the cylinder is armoured to prevent screwdriver attack, and the cylinder is also drill-resistant.