Nationwide Van Security

VanSecure have been providing a variety of security solutions to vans in London for the last 11 years. We install high-quality British-made Van Locks that are available for more than 60 van models.

Our Van Security Solutions

Working with the very best products available on the market, our high quality van security locks are guaranteed to maximise the protection of your vehicle and its content, keeping intruders well away from your tools.

We understand your van’s vulnerabilities and can work out the best security options for your van that give you that complete peace of mind. We increase the security of our customers vehicles by using high quality, British manufactured van security locks. Our professional security solutions include the supply and installation of van deadlocks, slam locks, door shielding throughout London & nationwide.

Our van security solutions include the provision of:

Van Deadlocks – Operates in the same way as a standard mortice lock on a front door. It offers a second, independent lock which can be used whenever required.
Replacement Driver Door Locks – If your locks have been attacked, this can render your doors either locked or unlocked permanently.
Vehicle Slam Locks – Allows the vehicle to be locked as soon as the door is closed. No additional operation is necessary to lock the vehicle, so the contents remain secure at all times.
Door Shielding – Armoured plates provide a strengthened barrier around the original lock barrel or handle, to prevent screwdriver attack and minimise any weaknesses in the original design of the door and handle mechanism.

What Sets Our Van Security Solutions Apart

We focus on the maximization of van security by providing high quality and bespoke installation services. Each van requires a different style and installation of locks to make sure that it is fully secured. For example, a Transit Custom will usually want to position a van deadlock high up on the doors so it offers a high level of protection against peeling.

Other vans will want to focus on slam locks, for people such as delivery drivers who are constantly getting in and out of their vehicles and are prone to different types of theft. Each vehicle is unique to the security it requires so get in touch to enquire.

Nationwide Highly Experienced Van Security Experts

Having many options when it comes to picking your van security, we have fully trained, well-equipped and experienced van lock fitters who make sure that the fittings we provide are 100% up to the mark and are following installation requirements to the highest standards.

We Know Your Van’s Vulnerabilities & How To Protect Them

No matter what kind of van lock, security, and fitting solutions you need, we can sit down and talk you through exactly what you will need. We understand all of your vans vulnerabilities, what thieves look for and exactly what needs to be in place to stop them.

As a result, we ensure the provision of the best security options and solutions so that you can retain maximum peace of mind.

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