Hook locks vs Dead locks
22 January 2024

Securing your van is a no-brainer, right? You’ve got valuable tools in the back that need protecting. And when it comes to locks, you’ve got a couple of solid choices: hook locks and deadlocks. Both have their merits, so let’s lay them out.

Deadlocks: The Stronghold Standard

Deadlocks have long been the foundation of van security. They’re well-known as a decent upgrade to standard locks. What do the deadlocks we fit feature?

– Straight Bolt: Deadlocks feature a straight, heavy-duty bolt that makes a full 360-degree journey with your key turn and extends deep into the door frame.

– Anti-Drill Side Plates: These plates add an extra layer of protection to your deadlock.

– Pick-Resistant Cylinder: With anti-pick, bump, and drill features, deadlocks are a secure choice for a lock upgrade

Deadlocks offer an effective way to secure your vehicle, and can be fitted to most van doors.

Hooklocks: The Advanced Protector

Taking van security a step further, hooklocks are similar to deadlocks but have an extra feature. A hook.

– Hook Style Bolt: This innovative bolt design hooks into the receiving bracket, meaning they are much harder to force with say a crowbar

– Perfect for sliding doors: For vans with a sliding door, this hook makes it the best solution to secure your van.

– Pick-Resistant Cylinder: Just like deadlocks, these cylinders are designed to resist picking.

Hooklocks are generally considered an upgraded version of a deadlock due to the hook.

Making the Right Call

The choice boils down to what you need. But the good news is we are more than happy to offer you advice. We have vans ourselves and, over the years, have spoken with pretty much every trade there is, so we know what works and what doesn’t.

You work hard, let your locks do the same.

Give us a call and see how we can help.