Ford Van Security

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Ford vans are fantastic for many reasons, but unfortunately they do have some weaknesses in their door locks.

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VanSecure can protect your van with the following to stop this being a problem

🔐Replacement Drivers Door Lock
🔐Hook Deadlock (side load door)
🔐Hook Deadlock (rear barn doors)

These can be fitted on any Transit or Transit Custom.

✔ Insurance Approved
✔ Nationwide Fitting
✔ 5 Year Guarantee

Don’t risk it, secure your van today!

Fill out the contact form NOW and talk with a van security specialist to learn more about securing your van and tools.

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I asked Ben of VanSecure to research some specific security solutions for a particularly requirement I had. Nothing was too much trouble, and an honest evaluation of the Pros and Cons of each solution was provided soon after. Having agreed the solution that would best fit my van, Ben ordered all the parts, which were fitted to a very high standard indeed from the well equipped mobile fitting van. An extremely professional and knowledgable service from start to finish.