Ford Transit Van Security & Deadlocks

VanSecure have been providing a variety of security solutions to vans for the last 11 years. We install high-quality British-made Van Locks that are available for more than 60 van models.

Deadlocks for Transit Vans

Ford vans are fantastic for many reasons, but unfortunately they do have some weaknesses in their door locks. Deadlocks for the Ford Transit Custom add an extra layer of protection to each van door they’re installed on, providing you more piece of mind anytime you use them.

The most common commercial vehicle security product is the Deadlock. When the door is attacked, the bolt’s prolonged throwing action into the keep maximises the lock’s grip. With the addition of a thrust-pin, the grip can be expanded to both sides. The solid cylinder increases the stability and sturdiness ensuring total security.

Van deadlocks are an excellent alternative if you want to add an extra layer of security to your van when you leave it overnight or in a less secure location. The van deadlocks will prevent the doors from being opened even if your central locking is compromised. It also prevents theft attempts such as key cloning and latch stabbing from opening the van doors. To better shield against van-specific attacks, these additional locking points are developed and positioned in the greatest feasible spot on the door.

When your vehicle is broken into, the consequences can be disastrous to your livelihood. The majority of thieves are searching for easy targets and will pick the simplest vans they can find. They will definitely think twice after seeing a Deadlock installation.

Our Focus On Total Van Security

VanSecure can protect your van with the following to stop this being a problem.

✔ Replacement Drivers Door Lock
✔ Hook Deadlock (Side Load Door)
✔ Hook Deadlock (Rear Barn Doors)

These can be fitted on any Transit or Transit Custom.

✔ Insurance Approved
✔ Nationwide Fitting
✔ 5 Year Guarantee

Highly Experienced Transit Van Security Experts

We have the best qualified van lock fitters at Van Secure who ensure that the installations we provide are fully functional and exceed installation standards to the fullest extent possible.

We can recommend the best van lock, security, and installation options for you, regardless of the type of van you have. We’re well-versed in all of your van’s vulnerabilities, as well as what thieves look for. Our solutions will be a step in the right direction in terms of preventing them.

Helping To Protect Your Transit Van

As a result, we vow to deliver the most advanced security solutions so that you can have complete confidence in your vehicle’s safety.

We provide nationwide van deadlock fittings, book yours in today! Fill out the contact form below or give us a call and talk with a van security specialist to learn more about securing your van and tools.

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