Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our products and services. Our goal is to provide you with all the information you need to make informed decisions and have a great experience with us.

About us

Here is why to use VanSecure for your Vans security and accessories

Why choose VanSecure?

When you choose someone to fit locks to your van, you’re putting a lot of trust in them. You need to be certain they will treat the van with the same care that you would, and that they know what they are doing. If locks aren’t fitted correctly, they might not be as effective in stopping a break in. What happens if someone cuts a hole in your van in the wrong place? What happens if they don’t treat the metal properly after cutting and you get rust in the doors? With VanSecure you don’t need to worry about any of this. We put every effort into making sure you get the best possible outcome from using our service. From the locks we fit, to the fitting process we use, we do not compromise on quality.

Can I pay cash?

No, our fitters don’t carry cash on the vans for safety reasons.

Are you COVID-19 secure?

Yes we are: our fitters sanitise their hands before and after each job, and have anti-viral sanitising spray which is used on your van and keys before and after the job. We ask you to respect social distancing at all times during your job, and we will do the same.

How does booking and payment work?

We will book you in over the phone, all the locks are made to order, so there is a £50 booking deposit taken over the phone. We take a second card payment over the phone for the balance once the job is done and you’re happy with everything.

Are you still fitting during Covid lockdowns?

Yes, we are. As our work is outside and it’s possible to take all the necessary precautions such as social distancing and sanitisation, we can continue to work without additional risk to our customers or staff.


Everything you need to know about our fitting services.

Can I fit the van locks myself?

Honestly, yes you could. The question you need to ask is: would the end result be the same? If your van were to be attacked by a thief, you need to make sure your locks have the best possible chance of keeping them out. If locks aren’t lined up correctly, they could be crow-barred. If the correct fixings aren’t used, or they’re not fitted with the correct tools, you won’t get the same strength in the lock. If you don’t cut the holes cleanly, or treat the holes properly, your doors will rust within 12 months. Ultimately, you need to give yourself every possible chance of keeping thieves out of your van.

Can I supply van locks and have you fit them?

Unfortunately not, we don’t offer a fitting only service.

What areas do you cover?

We cover all of England and Wales.

Can you fit van locks at my workplace?

Yes of course! We only need to be able to park next to your van to be able to carry out the work. We regularly fit the locks whilst our customers are working to prevent them having to take time off work.

Can you fit locks at my home?

Absolutely! If you’re able to leave the van at home for a day, or if you need the locks fitted at the weekend, we can do it at your convenience.

Do I have to supply power for you to do the fitting job?

No, our fitting vans have everything on board, so we can fit without the need for anything from you. That being said – tea and biscuits always go down well with our fitters! 😁

If I have van deadlocks is there any reason to also have shields?

One of the latest methods of entry for vans is to attack the original factory-fitted locks. These are easily opened if you know where to attack them. The shields are necessary when you have deadlocks for 2 reasons:
1- If you’ve locked your central locking, but don’t have your deadlocks locked for any reason, (maybe you’re working on site somewhere in a ‘safe’ area, your labourer forgot to lock them after getting something from the van, etc), the shields will protect your original van locks from being bypassed.

2- if your deadlocks are on, the deadlock will be the only thing holding it closed, when the door latch is opened. This means the thieves the free to bend the door upwards and get into your van underneath.

The bottom line is, the original door locks are very strong if they can’t be disarmed, and the shields are an inexpensive way of giving yourself an extra layer of security all the time.

Do you fit trackers?

No, we don’t fit any kinds of electronic vehicle security.

Do I need to have locks fitted on my driver and passenger doors, or is it enough to secure my load area doors?

This is really dependent on which van you have, and your personal reasons for securing it. We will always work with you to put together a package of security which is right for you, and this will take into consideration lots of things, from your van and your particular concerns, to your budget and what you do for a living.
Sometimes cab deadlocks are a good idea, other times, (particularly with Fords), it’s a better idea to fit products such as a replacement drivers door lock and wiring loom guards to strengthen the original Ford locking system.

We don’t do ‘one size fits all’, it’s always best to give us a call to have a chat through your options.

What is your lead time?

We usually book around a week in advance.

How long will the fitting take?

This depends on the job, but usually is a round 1.5-4 hours.

Do I need to be with the van the whole time while the fitting takes place?

No, we can get the work done whilst you’re inside, or working. However, we do need to be able to demonstrate the locks to you or someone at your house/site, to confirm they are happy with the job and how the locks work, and to make final payment.

Do you fit locks for fleets?

Yes, we do, we can offer special fleet rates for multiple vehicles.

Do you do anything other than locks?

We specialise in all types physical van security, which includes all kinds of secondary van locks, lock shields, external plates and other products such as wiring loom guards, pedal boxes and anti- peel brackets.


Everything you need to know about our products

What is the difference between a slamlock and a deadlock?

A slamlock bypasses the door handle of the van, and means you need to use a key to open the door every time it’s closed. The handle doesn’t do anything when you pull it, instead you need to turn a key in the slamlock to pop open the door. It’s designed for multi-drop parcel couriers to allow them to leave the van locked for the few minutes it takes to deliver a parcel. They’re great for this purpose, but only designed to stop an opportunist attack.

With a deadlock you have a much stronger lock, and it will put up more of a fight than a slamlock. You need to lock and unlock it every time you want to secure your van, but you have the freedom to choose when it’s operational, and you also can’t lock your keys in the back of the van!

Is there a cheaper option?

No, at least not with a comparable end result. There are cheaper locks, there are also cheaper fitting companies. There are more expensive locks, and more expensive fitting companies.
We work very hard to give you the best possible value. We only fit the highest quality and most effective locks, and will not fit something to your van if we don’t think it will do the job. Our fitting processes have been developed over 10 years to ensure you get a great result every time.