Deadlock Fittings and Van Security Solutions in East London

VanSecure have been providing a variety of security solutions to vans in East London for the last 11 years. We install high-quality British-made Van Locks that are available for more than 60 van models.

Our Products

If you are currently looking for deadlock fittings and van security in East London, you should ensure that the products you end up with are of the best quality and meet all industrial standards.

At Van Secure, we are passionate about giving our customers the best service and peace of mind. For this reason, the products we use are of the best quality, so that our customers can always be sure that their livelihoods and tools are being protected by the market’s finest offerings.

We aim to deliver the highest levels of security to our clients by only using high quality, British van security locks. We offer a wide range of professional security solutions, including the provision and installation of van security locks all across the East London area.

Our van security solutions include the following:

• Vehicle deadlocks

• Replacement driver door locks

• Vehicle slam locks

• Door shielding

What Sets Us Apart From The Rest

Our aim is to maximise van security by providing our customers with unmatched quality and installation services. Each van needs a unique type of lock and installation to ensure maximum security. For instance, a Transit Custom will typically opt for a deadlock that’s positioned high up on the doors so that there is a high degree of protection against peeling.

Slam locks may work well for other vans and tards where people like delivery drivers frequently entering and exiting their vehicles are at greater risk of theft.

East London’s Highly Experienced Deadlock Fitters

Our team consists of trained, experienced, and well-equipped van lock fitters who ensure that all fittings are done properly and conform to the most stringent installation requirements.

We Understand Van Vulnerabilities

No matter what type of van lock, security, and fitting solutions you’re looking for, our team is capable of handling all sorts of projects. You can count on us to sit with you and work on a proper plan that will work best for you. Thanks to our vast experience with van security, we thoroughly understand the risks your vans may face, what thieves are looking for, and what steps should be taken to fend them off.

As a result, we work hard to ensure that you can enjoy maximum peace of mind by providing you with industry-standard, top quality security solutions.

Therefore, we work hard to guarantee that we offer best-in-class security solutions so you can rest easy knowing that your vans are secure.

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