A guide to protecting your van
13 December 2023

There are two main things to keep an eye on if you rely on a work van: firstly, ensuring it is kept in good running condition to reduce the risk of breakdowns; and secondly, keeping it secure so that both the van and your tools are safe.

In this blog, we want to share some top tips for keeping your van secure.

But first, let’s discuss why it’s so important.

Vans are used to transport tools and materials, which is common knowledge—and thieves are well aware of this.

A break-in can be doubly costly. There’s the expense of replacing your tools, and for many tradespeople who have a ‘favourite’ tool, it’s not just about buying a new one—it’s the loss of a well-known friend. Then there’s the disruption to your work. A break-in could mean informing a customer that you can’t make it that day. This results in lost income, delayed jobs, a dent in your reputation, and a ripple effect on other trades if they were depending on your part being completed. It may not be your fault, but the financial, emotional, and mental strain can be significant.

Some alarming statistics:

Some tradespeople have been over £14,000 out of pocket after a single van break-in.

71% of tradespeople have felt stressed or anxious after being robbed.

50% couldn’t work the day after a van break-in, with many stating they needed more than two weeks off.

Being unable to work for a day due to a break-in costs 50% of tradespeople a minimum of £500.

On average, a van is broken into and tools stolen every 23 minutes in the UK.

How to keep your tools safe:

Ideally, we would suggest removing all your tools each evening. But we recognise this isn’t always feasible. Carrying every tool to and from your house daily is impractical and risks revealing your assets to potential thieves.

So, how can you reduce the likelihood of a van break-in?

– Park in well-lit areas with high foot traffic. It’s not foolproof, but it decreases the risk.

– Try to park with your doors against an obstruction. For example, reversing up to a brick wall prevents the back doors from being opened.

– Remove any items from the cab that might indicate you have tools in the back, such as trade magazines or catalogues.

These steps can help, but we also recommend marking all of your equipment and recording serial numbers to prove ownership if they’re stolen.

Taking it seriously:

If you have a van, you must acknowledge the risk of theft. That’s why here at Van Secure, we offer accessories to bolster your van’s security. We have bespoke products designed for each van model to enhance the standard security features and better protect your livelihood.