5 Van Security Devices That Will Prevent Break-Ins
30 January 2023

If you depend on your van for your business or on a day to day basis, the equipment you are carrying around all day is extremely valuable to you in terms of completing jobs and the cost of replacing them!

Fortunately, there are a range of interior van security devices that are able to help you protect your van and the valuables you keep inside. Of course, the best way to stop thieves getting into your van in the first place is to have a comprehensive van lock system, but these are some of our go to products for that extra level of safety!

Steering Wheel Lock
The classic steering wheel lock is one of the most effective way to keep thieves from driving your van away. Although seen as old technology, it is yet still effective after all these years.

Dash Camera
You may think a dash camera’s main function is to capture traffic incidents, offer proof of who is at fault and to share on social media about the type of people you encounter on the road! Dash cams, however, are also ideal for catching thieves in the act. You should leave your dash camera hidden when you’re not driving. Most dash cameras provide a parking mode that has a motion sensor which detects any movement or thieves in this case. Even if the dash camera can’t stop a burglar, it can at least assist in identifying them.

Window Tints
Leaving valuables on show in your vehicle is an open invitation to burglars. They may be passing by with no intention of stealing anything, but suddenly notice something expensive inside your van and break in without hesitation. Window tints could prevent this by completely diverting attempts to break in.

Location Tracker
A tracking device can assist in helping you locate your van if it is ever stolen, it can also transfer essential information to police in order to arrest the perpetrators. The police utilise in-car technology to track your vehicle in real time, which means there’s a good possibility they’ll retrieve your van and hopefully get everything back to you quickly and with minimal damage to the van or your products!

Van Vault Equipment Storage
Although it is better to take your equipment from the van at the end of the day and store it safely at home or at work, we all know that this is not always an option. Keeping your tools and equipment in a lockable compartment within the vehicle could be the answer. Van vault items are safe chests and drawers for vans that allow tools to be kept away rather than just thrown in the back.